Saturday, August 21, 2010


Dad was placed in the 2nd floor
room where he would be away
from disturbances. Joe Whitall, a 25
years old boy, who had left his
work in some New York city
hospital as a wardboy, was
immediately hired to look after him
and he was right on time.
Everyone, including the neighbours
were really shocked by the
immediacy of the events but
against all my expectations, the
least bothered was my mom. She,
as if completely unaware of what
has happened, was busy in her
daily jobs. Mr. Bitton now a days
were more frequent to our place.
He was a real well-wisher of our
family and every month, handed
over almost 90% of the bakery
earnings to up, keeping some as a
recognition of his own efforts. Joe
was a handsome, well-built
muscular man, and moreover,
punctual and dedicated to his
duties. Everything was coming
back on track and mom seemed
happy for the first time in my life,
the reason of which was still vague
for me.

THE PROLOGUE when it all began

Dad's sudden illness and total
retirement at the 2nd floor room
was the starting point of my
mom's looking forward to fulfill
her desire, which she was
yearning so long. My father was a
very dominating and grave figure
in the days when he used to look
after his bakery business which
was a real hit in the Austin city
suburbs and we carried a good life
with almost everything we desired
to possess, including a red
convertible car which was almost
my personal property than my
parents. Mom was then a complete
housewife, talking less and doing
household works more. With
simple long skirts and tops, she
was always visible either in the
lawn or in the kitchen. Where
other females of her age were
indulged in parties or just a simple
gossip, she was at home. Dad was
never a jolly person, nor he liked to
talk much. So it was me who
always tried to make some sounds
so that the house doesn't look
weird. Though everything was in
its place, mom never looked happy,
nor much satisfied with her
present life. Dad was at home only
at night and the days which had
an Austin Wranglers match in its
schedule. As I was just 15 then,
there was not much of my
business in between the problems
of a couple and I always tried to
keep away.
Mr. George Bitton, a flour mill
owner, was the only person whom
I saw, was closer to our family, and
though he was of more
acquaintance with dad, he seemed
to be more closer to mom, actualy.
After a long struggle in the
business, we opened our first
bakery shop in the city of Austin, a
big one, and as it was on the date
of my 20th birthday, the
celebration was double.
Just a month later, tragedy arrived
and everything was just shattered.
Dad, returning from his newly
opened bakery shop in the city,
met a cerebral attack while driving,
and his spinal cord, heavily
damaged. Doctors had their last
words. The patient having nearly
no chance for recovery from the
present Paralysed condition, he
have to be taken home and must
be taken care of. Mr. Bitton became
the caretaker of dad's trade as
mom practically had no knowledge
of bakery business and I was not
still been able to handle it.